F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Question)

It’s nothing other the optimization of revenue and the reduction of outgoing costs which in the case of trading are identified in the management of profitable operations and reduction of loss-making operations, which are inevitable like the costs of any activity

Risk management is what determines the profitability of any business and this also applies to trading

Certainly the strategies that make the. most profits are the so-called trend follower strategies, i.e. when there is a break in resistance/support in favor of the primary trend

  • approaching the world of trading doesn’t carve out working hours to dedicate solely and exclusively to this job and tending to click while doing something else
  • starting to trade not building a diversified investment plan but hoping to earn consistently by opening single operations
  • starting to work, with low time frames in scalping, an operation that requires a high degree of experience and discipline
  • those who open trades without any experience tend to let losses run to avoid incurring losses and block profits
  • many start trading without having real profit targets on the invested capital. this often leads to burning profits and finding themselves at a loss